“five something”

I have a pet peeve. It’s a simple one. I want to carry my business cards without the fear of “bendage” or “foldage”.

Nothing screams unprofessional more than handing someone a folded, wrinkled, faded business card.

The dilemma is, I don’t always wear a dress shirt with a front pocket. I’m more of a polo guy.

Where else can I put my cards other than in my pants pockets? Of course the issue is they will be wrinkled within the hour. My wallet is already crammed with other people’s cards plus my banking cards, driver’s license, etc.

I figured out a solution. Office Depot, and I’m sure other office supply stores, carry pocket sized business card holders. I chose the local Office Depot in Sherman, TX.

After browsing through multiple options, I finally settled on a wallet sized holder. It would be great for me as I have two back pockets. Why not fill the other one?

So it was settled. I picked two. They were “five something” (we have blog title) a piece. My wife runs her photography business,  so I figured she could use one too.

I’m at the checkout. The cashier rings them up at $8.49 a piece. I mentioned, I think they were closer to “five something”. Uncertain, the cashier asked her manager what the cost was because the customer said they were “five something”. Rather than getting a price check, her manager said “Well take care of it for him. If he says it’s five something, fix it for him.” I spoke up and said I wasn’t 100% certain and didn’t mind a price check. (I mean I’m only human, I make mistakes.) Her manager simply said “Don’t worry about it. You said five something, we’ll make it $5.49 per case”. I thanked her and checked out.

This is what I call wonderful customer service. Not only was I a customer, I became an investment for their company. They know I will most likely continue to purchase from Office Depot. (And I will)

This is an approach all businesses need to remember. Customers are not just customers. They are future repeat customers. They are customers with friends. They are customers with Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and blogs. They are customers who talk, and tell their friends and co-workers about their experiences. We are an investment.

Thank you Office Depot of Sherman, TX