AUSTIN TRIP – Day 2 (Tacos, Capitol Building, Sushi, and BBQ’d Holy Cow!)

For Day 2 we woke up around 8:30a. We drove to “Juan in a Million”. I ordered the “Don Juan Taco”. It’s a breakfast taco with eggs, potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Except, it’s HUGE! I didn’t know this when I ordered two. Very tasty.

Afterwards we went to the capitol building. I always get capitol and capital confused. Anyways… it was neat. Not a lot of things to say. We walked into both chambers. Took pictures, and I quizzed the guide on Bluebonnet laws. She’s says you can’t pick bluebonnets, but state law says you can. I wasn’t in a fighting mood.

For lunch, sushi at “Piranha. Killer. Sushi.”. It was really light, but filling. Overall, very good.

After roasting at the hotel pool, we had dinner at The Salt Lick BBQ. Hands down, it’s the winner. While I’m ashamed to admit this, I threw all of my weightloss eating habits away after we ordered the “Family All You Can Eat” (may have the name wrong) platter for $20 per person. Ribs, brisket, sausage. After the 3rd platter I had to push the plate away. Then Timmy ordered the Pecan Pie with ice cream. If it weren’t for the fact that my stomach wouldn’t accept any more, I would have ordered it too.

All in all a good day. Tomorrow will probably just consist of burning off today’s feast. And were heading back home.

Peace, Thomas