Have you created your Facebook Page Username yet?

As a full time commercial video editor and marketing campaign consultant I often encounter clients that have embraced the use of Facebook as a powerful marketing tool (in addition to their traditional marketing); however, they have not yet taken advantage of the Facebook Page Username feature.

The Username feature allows you to take something like:

and turn it into something much easier to read like: facebook.com/YourCustomName

Not using the Username makes it difficult to add their Facebook information to their commercial as the information within the browser URL would be considered “gibberish” and a user will not attempt to type this data.  I typically resort to adding the classic blue Facebook logo with the words “Find Us On Facebook!” and leave it at that for these pages.

Assuming their page name is unique, the user can perform a Facebook Search, and should be able to find the page. Sometimes this works, and at other times it can take time. The more time a user has to spend searching, the chances lessen that they will complete the process of “Liking” their local favorite’s page and now the business owner misses out on a chance to reach a potential lead. This is another reason to use a Facebook Page Username.

Here’s how to setup a Facebook Page Username:
NOTE: You must have at least 25 “likes” before you can take advantage of the Facebook Page Username.
Updated 2/16/2012 – You no longer need 25 “likes”.

1) From your Facebook Page, click the “Edit Page” icon located in the top right of your page.

2) Select “Basic Information” from the left column. Then from within “Basic Information” you’ll see “Username” in about the middle of the page. Type the name you wish to use.

NOTE: Once picked, you will not be able to change the name.

4) Congratulations! You’re done!

Share your Facebook Page Usernames and Social Marketing Tips in the Comments below other can see!

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