So long, farewell!

The “Social Media Expert” is gone.

Like many new technologies there are certain groups who rally around a new concept and work to learn the in’s and out’s. It’s not uncommon. It reaches a point to where you become anesthetized  to the din and constant bombardment of “lingo”, personalities, and egos of “experts”. I believe this to be the case with the “social media expert”.

Is social media dead? Heaven’s no! It’s just that after five years of constant “in your face” personal marketing of social media, corporate structure has already adapted “social media skills” into job descriptions. Being an expert is good, but also expected. It’s like saying you’re proficient with typing or Microsoft Office. I sure would hope so if you’re going to continue in your career.

Stating that you were an “expert” used to open the doors, now your resume sits with all the other “experts”.

There’s still value in the name, but it must be understood that social media marketing is now just a part of marketing. If you state you’re a marketing expert, it better include social.