Toxicating Toxins


I work out at Planet Fitness. (Please don’t stalk me.) On one of their televisions they play music and loop their commercials. I usually drown them out by watching Netflix on my tablet, but there’s one commercial I always laugh at when it runs. Watch below.

Hilarious?! Right?

Even with the levity, there is some sobering truth to “Toxicating Toxins”. In this case I’m reffering to toxic environments rather than something tangible.

It’s a simple concept; you absorb the mood of your environment.

Are you in a “happy place” or do you feel drained after leaving? For most of us, we have a our home life and our work life. Too many times they overlap.

Is there something negative in your work environment you’re taking home? What about something negative from home you could be taking to your workplace?

Removing the negativity from your environment and replacing it with positive actions, habits, and thoughts changes your outlook.

In John G. Miller’s book “QBQ! The Question Behind the Question” he refers to personal change as beginning with “me”. I’m responsible for my reactions to negative situations. That’s the core message to his book as well.

Start with small manageable changes, don’t jump in all at once. Replace bad habits with good habits. Staying up too late and feeling terrible in the morning? Try shaving off about 15 minutes each week from the time you normally go to bed. What’s keeping you up? Figure it out and remove it. I get wrapped up with late-night “binge watching” on Netflix. If I’m not careful it can affect my morning routine.

Determine where your weaknesses are. Does office gossip cause you grief? Ignore it, work on your projects and don’t engage. Office gossip is probably one of the leading causes of negativity in the workplace.

Finally, don’t expect overnight success. It’ll take years to find and reduce negativity. The keyword is “reduce”. You won’t eliminate it, but by simply acknowledging areas to improve upon can greatly help.