Consistency is More Powerful Than Knowledge and Here’s Why


Consistency: “Do your best to be consistent and consistently do your best.”

I just love that phrase. It came to me one day and I just had to write it down or else I’d forget.

Count how many times you’ve said “I’m going to start this project and keep going”, then a week later you’ve completely forgotten and moved on to yet another idea.

  • “I’m going to lose weight.”
  • “I’m going to read more.”
  • “I’ll make an effort to be home on time for my kids.”

You see, each time you give up, you set a precedent for the next time. There’s no challenge or ability to “laser” in on your goal. You’ve become distracted, and managed to justify reasons why you should stop.

I don’t say this to mean you can’t change your mind, or make the realization that perhaps your idea just isn’t feasible. I mean flat out give-up.

Giving up, or not adhering to a game plan, and a lack of consistency can mean missed opportunities. How many businesses started tiny, and have blossomed simply because the owner remained steadfast in his or her goals. They made it a point to remain consistent even if it took years to be rewarded.

Keep your goals simple, to the point, and stay on task.

It’s ok to pause and reflect on your path. Evaluate what has worked and replace negative actions with positive actions. You can adjust course, just keep a baseline routine.

Consistency is Key!

I frequently visit my office Sunday afternoons to run reports and lay out the ground work for the week. Basically, everything we normally hate about Mondays gets done on Sunday. Believe it or not, I look forward to Monday!

I do this every week, with the exception of being out of town.

This is the type of consistency I refer to. It’s not insanity, where I repeat the same actions expecting different results. It’s where I repeat the same actions, full well knowing the results to expect because I’ve done it before. I know I’m going to see results the next day when I’m not cursing the morning.

While I may not consider myself anywhere in the league of Benjamin Franklin, he is reported to have had a well defined daily schedule. You can read more about it in a Lifehack article titled: “What You Can Learn from Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule”

Now, think about that. It’s not some magic formula. You simply incorporate positive aspects into your daily routine with a high level of consistency.

Now go forth “and address Powerful Goodness” (Read the Lifehack article to understand that)

What’s your routine? Let me know in the comments.