Finding Balance: I Strive for These 3 Things

Finding Balance

Finding Balance:

I meditate every morning.

No, it’s not some vague religion. I simply mean I pause for a few minutes every morning as a way of finding balance and to remind myself of my personal three goals.

Here they are, and in this exact order:

  1. Contentment
  2. Consistency
  3. Patience

Each person’s goals will be different, but I also believe they’re all going to have a similar theme. Here are my daily personal goals.


You have to be sad before you can appreciate happiness. You have to also be happy with what you already have before you can appreciate more. It’s that simple to me. The more I want and think about not having, the sadder I could be. I know so because I’ve been there.


I write a lot about consistency because I’ve realized that lack of consistency seems to be the root of most failures in life. Losing interest and not maintaining one’s core structure causes ripples which eventually become damaging waves for events not yet encountered.


While I believe consistency pays off, I’m also still human and know I’m susceptible to the idea of wanting something now. It’s often referred to as immediate gratification. We’re bombarded with this desire at every corner. Fast food, Google, and have made this all to easy to expect. Children watching broadcast television act stunned when a commercial interrupts their program. Just ask Mr. Joseph Miller, our middle child. He cannot seem to understand he has to wait to watch what happens next, unlike Netflix and Hulu. I know that if I am patient, my reward will be made known later.

I try to apply these three principles daily. I’m not perfect and I occasionally forget, but they’ve helped me so far.

What are your methods of finding balance?