What’s on Your Vision Board?

Vision Board

A “Vision Board” is a pictorial representation of what you’re working towards.

I first heard that word used in reference to a new age book titled “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne. In recent months I’ve come to learn it has been used in earlier references.

“The Secret” is based on the new age idea that if I want something, I have to think it, believe it, then the universe will give it to me. It’s similar to the “Word of Faith” movement from the late 20th century.

I don’t like this idea. It’s not that I don’t believe in visualizing the end result. It’s that I don’t appreciate the materialistic view.

“I want a car. I’m going to think about me driving a car and soon I will have a car because the universe/God wants me to be happy.”

What if I don’t need the car? What if I change my mind? Would the universe provide a refund or take a trade-in?

Having a Christian upbringing, I wrestle with the ideology that I’m smarter than God and know what I need. I also take issue with ordering God to serve up my every desire. I don’t think it works like that.

I know what I want, but not necessarily what I need.

With all of that said, I do strongly believe our outlook controls our future. Positivity brings about positive things. Negativity brings about negative things. Whether it’s a universal law or simply a frame of mind is for the philosophers to decide.

I believe everything is a matter of perspective.

I also believe that in order to reach a goal, you must see yourself reaching it. You do have to visualize the end result.

In my office hangs a photo of a house. I don’t know whose house it is. I found it in a Google search for “One Story Farmhouse“. Why is there a house on my wall? It’s there because I want one.


It’s a nice one-story farm-house with a light bluish-green exterior. The picture shows a well manicured lawn with trees in the background, all against a perfect sky. It’s most likely a computer rendering, but it still conveys its message of contentment.

I want to be able to come home from work each night to my children playing in the yard. I want to see myself mowing the lawn in a hot July Summer. I want to smell the charcoal as I cook in the backyard. I want to see myself tilling a garden and harvesting tomatoes a few months later.

In the back yard is a workshop. It’s where I’ll keep my office. Along the wall is a work bench with soldering irons and electronics for my HAM radios, but first I need to get my license.

How is this house different from the car example from above? On the surface, not much. On a deeper level it’s more of a reminder of what I’m working towards. I know my motivation. It’s not the color, size, or shape that matters. It’s the idea that I want contentment for my family. I want them to feel stabile.

This is my “vision board”. A “vision board” is simply a pictorial representation of what you’re working towards, be it personal or professional. It helps to retain your focus.

Seeing what you’re working towards provides motivation. The “Vision Board” is a daily reminder where you are heading.

I disagree with the almost obsessive approach of simply really wanting something strong enough expecting the universe to provide it. I do believe in having a clear goal. If visualizing this goal through the use of a “vision board” helps with motivation then I think it’s worth considering.

A “vision board” does not always need to be an actual board. One of my co-workers uses a notebook with pages and pages of her dreams listed. Each one has an accompanying image.

Do you have a “vision board” or something similar?

As aways, I welcome any feedback.  Comment below.