Are You Being Assertive or Just Applying the First 3 Letters?


I’m going to let the title sink in for a minute.

There are a lot of people with egos in the professional world. There’s a fine line between being assertive or just being a plain ass. Yes, I said “ass”.

Are You Being Assertive?

Being assertive means you take initiative. You hear the counter arguments, make a decision and go with your gut feeling. You look ahead while others are merely treading water. You see the island and command the group to swim the right direction. People will argue, but in the end you’re right and you handle yourself respectfully.

An ass is just what it is. You might be right, but the way in which you project yourself demeans your co-workers and staff. You feel your strength comes from flexing your muscle. You use fear to motivate.

Why does this matter? The world is already a tough place. It doesn’t need more asses, it needs more men and women who want to get things done by being great leaders. We need to empower people, encourage others, and lift them up.

In the end, be the one others looked up to, not the one they despised.