Blogging Frees Your Mind and Opens Doors

blogging frees your mind

Blogging Can Open Doors!

I started blogging about 4 years ago. It started as a way to vent my feelings on topics ranging from customer service to personal thoughts. Over time I’ve narrowed down my focus to more of a “Self-Improvement” structure. This seems to bring me the most joy.

Blogging is very easy to do, and I encourage anyone with internet access and a computer, tablet, or cell phone to consider it. There are many options and topics when it comes to blogging.

Whichever topic you choose, it is best to follow this advice:

1) Know your terms:

Blog – A collection of multiple posts or entries in a single location.

Ex: “Ramblings. By, Thomas.

Post/Entry – A specific article or topic located within the blog.

2) Pick a Consistent Genre

Pick a genre and stay with it. Too many times bloggers tend to write about anything and everything. I do not recommend this for a blog. Subscribers are looking for consistent topics. If you’d like a separate blog for your individual interests, you can create multiple blogs, although in practice this is going to be difficult to manage. I write on topics related to self improvement. The individual topics may be different, but the overall theme is to help others better themselves.

3) Pick a Reliable Content Management System

I really like the WordPress CMS. WordPress powers many sites across the web, and it’s free. You have two options for WordPress: is self-hosted. In both cases software is free, but costs such as a domain name and server space are to be expected.

(Updated 2/21/2015: is hosted on HostGator. It’s cost effective for me. If you’re needing all the “bells and whistles” for WordPress specifically, I suggest you read this post from on host recommendations.)

If you wanted to get started and be up and blogging within 5 minutes, simply visit and set-up a free account. Boom! You’re all set.

The software is very easy to use and themes are plentiful.

4) Start Sharing Your Thoughts

I enjoy writing because it allows me to focus my energy on communicating ideas and feelings. The more I write the easier it is the next time. I do still encounter writer’s block from time to time, but overall I’m making progress on every new post.

5) Keep Blogging Even if No One Reads It

This may sound dismal, but when you first start out, not everyone is going to rush to subscribe to your blog. As I type this entry, my own blog sees only a few dozen page views during the week, but traffic is steadily growing. Yours will too if you simply remain consistent. You need not post every day, but it won’t hurt you if you do either. A good consistent blogging schedule should be about once or twice a week. I recommend picking the same days and time every week.

6) Read and Comment on Other People’s Blogs

Interacting with other writers will help grow your readers. You have to be reachable and sociable. You’re wanting people to come to your blog, the least you can do is visit and interact with other people’s work. This will also help with your site traffic. The more you interact, the more others will interact with you.

7) Your Blog Can Open Doors

Every post you make adds to your repository of information and credibility. Over time, you’ll build up a level of respect within your genre’s membership. This could lead to others coming to you for help and to answer questions. Overall, it’s just good for your reputation and career.

Ultimately, blogging about your passion also helps in your pursuit of your goals which can lead to a more fulfilled life.

If you need any help what-so-ever, please don’t hesitate to email me personally at I can walk you through the setup process. I’m by no means a CSS expert, but I can point you in the right direction.