A Razor’s Edge: Contentment and Complacency


Big Difference: Complacency and Contentment

I consider myself content, or as close to it as possible. What I don’t want to be is complacent, and there is a big difference.

Content – pleased and satisfied : not needing more
Complacent – satisfied with how things are and not wanting to change them

One definition is healthy, the other is poisonous to any soul and organization.

To me, contentment means to be happy with what you have. It doesn’t mean you’re not open to change, it means you’re not seeking excess.

Complacency is the belief that things are just fine, even though danger lurks around the corner. You’re not open to new things because it would require change or effort.

Complacency has taken down once grand institutions. It breeds arrogance and pride. Pride by itself is good, but when combined with arrogance it will destroy you.

I’m prideful. I mean look at my domain name. It’s my name for crying out loud. I use my picture as the favicon. I know pride, but I work every day to keep it in check. I know I make mistakes and can do better.

Complacency has no place in any lifestyle or organization with the desire to improve.

Contentment soothes the soul and prevents envy. It keeps you from coveting what you don’t have.

Contentment, combined with consistency and patience will lead to a happier life.

Being happy with just the way things are, while calming, leads to a false sense of security. It’s a setup and something bad is about to happen.

Stay content my friends.