Gain Respect with These 3 Little Things


Earn Respect by Thanking Someone

We live in a world where it’s all too easy to become myopic and forget to look at those around us that go the extra mile. For some, that “extra mile” could simply be saying “thank you”. A “thank you”, carries so much more weight than you might think.

During my day job I work in a broadcast news environment. We talk and interact with the public on a daily basis. We have one guideline we strive to follow. We always thank our viewers for any correspondence whether positive or negative. In every email or Facebook message we always offer thanks for any information given to us. This includes information we may not even consider news worthy. Much of the public sees the media as an untouchable entity. We work to earn their respect by saying thanks.

Think about it. Have you ever gone out of your way for someone, and the simple , honest “thank you” at the end completely made your day? What about ruined it if they said nothing? Far too often people forget to do this, especially in email. The simple “Thanks!” is all that’s needed.

Consider “Thank You” notes. They are common when you receive gifts, but what about someone who maybe took the time to run a complex report at the office? Perhaps someone offered to buy you lunch. What about leaving a card for someone “just because”? “Thank you” cards are inexpensive. Consider buying a box and keeping them in your desk for those special occasions.

Earn Respect by Respecting Others

I have actually heard in a sales training that you should cut ties to clients or people who are never going to utilize your services. This has never quite set right with me. On the surface I understand their point. They’re meaning that you can’t devote all your time on a prospect who is never going to pay off in the end. You do have to eat and make a living. I get this. I understand their point, but I thought it seemed cold.

There’s a point to this. I think you can be a better person by showing someone their own worth even when they may not see it themselves.

Do you know the name of your cleaning crew? What about the entry level new hire across the building?

Take the time out of your schedule to meet them. Learn their names and their story. Find out their dreams. This will surprise them, they’ll feel important, and you’ll gain a little more respect in their eyes.

Earn Respect by Being Genuine

I write all these things with the instruction to be genuine. Do nothing for the purpose of serving yourself. It will help you, there’s no question about it, but you must first proceed with the intent to empower others. Respect will come later. Seek out opportunities that will add that extra layer of brilliance. Be genuine and people’s respect for you will be genuine.


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  • We shouldn’t need to be reminded of this, but thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately we shouldnt, but I see it all day long and am probably guilty of it many times over. We just have to focus on remaining consistent.