Avoid These 3 Things to have a Productive Day

Productive Day

Less Distractions Make for a Productive Day

We’re easily distracted during the day. Cell phones, emails, various alerts, and co-workers can deter us from finishing our projects on time. Here are 3 methods I’ve used that pay off well and keep me productive.

1) “Water-cooler Talk”

While as tempting as it may seem, avoid “water-cooler talk”. Ignore it, walk past everyone and proceed directly to your work space or destination. It’s negative, counter-productive to the group, and not productive. Most of the time it consists of rumors and gossip which probably have no place at work to begin with.

2) Distractions

Predetermine opportune times to check emails and voice mails, then turn off everything you don’t need access to to avoid unneeded distractions.

“But, my boss may need me!” 

If they insist on having access to you, do your best to keep windows minimized and ringers on low. Shut your door, if you have one.

3) Lack of Gameplan

What is it that you’re wanting to accomplish? You can’t finish a project you haven’t planned yet. I have a general idea of what I need to do when I come in each day. There is always something to do. It takes prioritization.

The overall key is to not allow yourself to be distracted. It’s not that you can’t interact with co-workers, but allow time for this in your schedule. Make a plan to sweep through making sure everything is working as it should.

These three tips have greatly helped me. It’s not perfect, but it keeps me focused.

Thoughts? Share below.