Self Improvement is Not Fluff

Some consider the genre of “self improvement” fluff. The idea that your life can be changed by a simple attitude adjustment seems too easy.

There is perhaps a subtle truth to what they say. Positive thinking won’t pay the bills or put gas in your car.

I don’t think we should be blind to hard work and being assertive in life.

What I’ve found is that we often lose focus on our priorities. We forget what we’re searching for. Too many times we’re just trying to hang-on. We become reactive to situations instead of taking charge.

We often let life lead us instead of creating our own paths.

You must look ahead and seek to make a positive impact. It’s not that the thought of being positive makes a difference, it’s the action. People like being around positive people. It fosters creativity and attracts good things in your life. It reinforces your mind when negativity enters.

Bad things are going to happen. People still get sick, and it will still rain, but your reaction to negative situations will change. Instead of thinking the world is against you, you’ll realize there are constants that won’t change. You’ll merely work around them. That’s not fluff. That’s using another way of thinking to get the job done.

Think of each positive action as a deposit into an account. Over time those deposits add up, and when you encounter negative situations you have enough saved up to pay the balance. When you’re overdrawn, cracks begin to appear, and eventually you’ll crumble.

Fluff is believing a positive thought will grant success; however, it’s acting on a positive thought that has the potential for greatness.

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