3 Tips for Navigating a Hectic Life

Tips for Hectic Life

From busy days at the office to keeping the family thriving, life is hectic. Too many times we make rash decisions based on fear. This can place us in even tougher situations. If I were to list three tips that have helped me, they would include: Staying calm, being slow to anger, and always being grateful.

Stay Calm; Don’t Panic

If you have any knowledge of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” you’ll know “Don’t Panic” was a reoccurring theme used throughout the series. I also find it to be a wise saying.

Think about it. How often are knee jerk decisions made which result in disastrous consequences? Look at any recent PR nightmare and see what started it. Most of the time it stems from a poorly made, rushed decision.

One area I’ve been working on has been staying as calm as possible during stressful situations. When I sense a high stress situation I purposely slow my breathing, I focus everything on compartmentalizing the situation. What’s important and what’s a distraction? I block out the distractions and focus on the immediate situation.

Does this always work? Nope, but I keep score and work to focus even harder when the next situation arises.

Be Slow to Anger

I used to have a tendency of verbally snapping. I’ll just say its not an ideal habit to form. Be very careful with your choice of words and actions. People form an opinion of your ability to handle situations based on your actions. Whether coworkers or your children, you are being watched.

Anger is a loss of control. It’s impulse driven. Don’t let it have control.

Be Grateful

Always, always be grateful. It doesn’t matter how small of a gesture someone made for you. If they took even a little time out of their day to help you, let them know you’re grateful.

If your own child gives a simple gift like a flower or rock, be grateful. To them, their simple gift may have been their most prized possession. I have boys and there’s nothing more exciting to them than when they find a “neat rock”.

When you’re at the office and a coworker goes the extra step to provide something, be quick to thank them. As simple as it is, we all appreciate being seen as an asset and noticed.

To wrap up, be incredibly kind to someone even if they have nothing to offer or maybe aren’t deserving of it. It’ll go a long way in the end.


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