3 Tips to Have the Best Vacation Possible


Have the Best Vacation Possible

Everyone of us has an opinion on vacation. Some choose to drop all contact with the professional world while some choose to keep in touch. I’ll tell you my thoughts which will form the basis of this post. You need to know where I stand.

In my early twenties I considered vacations to be something weak people took to unwind. If you were truly a hard worker you never took one. Boy was I wrong! The older I got the more I realized a vacation is a way to relax and reset the mind. If you don’t take a vacation you’ll burn out and become less productive.

I follow the idea of having as little contact with the office as possible. I try to let everyone know in advance that my cell is for emergency or urgent use only. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t become angry if someone contact or calls me, but I want people to understand that my personal time is meant to be personal. I’m using this time to be a better coworker when I return.

Now that I’ve gotten my thoughts out of the way here are 3 tips I recommend when enjoying a vacation.

Find a Peaceful Groove

Whether your vacation is over the period of a week or just a day, find that one thing which will allow you to relax and reflect. Those of you with kids are probably laughing at me, but it’s true. With or without kids strive to find that one groove you can reach which will allow you to unplug from the daily grind. I have kids and I’ve taken a vacation with them. The best tip is to first, let them be kids, and second, focus on the happiness and peace you feel when you’re all together.

Stay Unplugged

This one is difficult if you’re used to checking your email and messages several times throughout the day. You have to stop. Unless you’re somewhat working, which I don’t advise if you can help it, you shouldn’t even have access to your phone for work reasons. Don’t spend your time on social media. That’s not to say you can’t upload a few images now and then, but don’t spend too much time if you can help it. Remember, you’re unplugging to stay plugged in. You don’t need distractions.

Don’t Over Plan

Unless you’re on a cruise, you shouldn’t have a detailed itinerary. Over the years I’ve learned it is possible to need a vacation from your vacation. You shouldn’t come back even more stressed. If you like making lists, this is going to be the most difficult tip to follow. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a general idea of what you’re doing if timing is important, but you shouldn’t let your schedule control your mood. You’re on vacation! Make sure you’re enjoying it, not loathing it.

I used to never take vacations, but now that I have a family, I closely watch my personal time off hours and when the the number is something I can work with I try to take what I can. Vacations don’t have to be several days long. If a day is all you need, then enjoy your one day. Make it the best vacation possible!