Count Your Joys to Boost Your Mood

Count Your Joys to Boost Your Mood

Remember Your Joys!

What brings you joy? I’ve made mention in a previous post how positive actions yield positive results and negative yields negative.

The more we focus on a topic the more likely we are to attract it to our lives. Be it good or bad, it doesn’t matter. This is good to remember when you’re going through a rough time. Rather than keeping score of everything bad that has happened to you, keep track of all the joys.

Keep a Record of Praises

In my office I have a paper file folder labeled “Praise”. While it could use some updating, its primary purpose is for anything “happy”. It could be an email, a thank you note, or a post card. Every few weeks if I’m feeling down, I review the notes. I think back to the events leading up to why I received it. It helps to remind myself that while I might be having a tough time, the pain is only temporary. It shows that I’m capable of doing a better job, and I have.

List Your Joys

In addition to a “praise folder”, I make lists. They’re not complicated or even permanent. Instead of counting emails, I start listing everything that has brought joy┬áinto my life. I actually use this method more frequently than my folder. I brainstorm and write down every joy no matter how insignificant. When finished I reflect on everything listed. Doing this makes me feel better and boosts my mood. I feel happier.

What joy have you thought about today?

-Thomas Miller