Something Worth Crying Over


I’m changing from my normal content style to share something completely fantastic, extraordinary and worth crying over!

My son John was born February 23rd, 2014, but with a few complications.

Throughout 2014 he was placed in the hospital at least three times. His latest stay was for a tracheostomy in October of 2014. A few weeks before his surgery he had started laughing, as most 9 month olds do at that age. Once he received the trach his voice was silenced, that is until Wednesday night (March 25th, 2015).

(Watch the Video Above) This is the result of an attachment referred to as a “speaking valve” which shuts off out-going air and forces it through his throat; past his vocal cords.

It’s something we’ve waited 6 months to hear and the time finally came!

We actually received the valve on March 11th, but the past few times we’ve tried him with it haven’t worked out as he’d cough and sputter before finally panicking.

My wife Jacqueline and I are so happy! It’s really the little things in life we should all look forward to.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from seeing John’s video, please share it!