Unplugging to Stay Plugged In

Unplugging - Campfire

Unplugging gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my sons.

I took my two oldest boys camping this weekend. The trip was a part of the McNair Cub Adventure Camp at Bovay Scout Ranch in Navasota, TX. The weekend was cold, wet and rainy, but we all enjoyed it.

I hadn’t unplugged in quite awhile, and it was refreshing. I did this by leaving my phone off for the majority of the trip. The only exception was for photos. I wasn’t distracted by constant notifications, random beeps, and the urge to check for non-existent new messages. Unplugging gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my sons.

Even with the cool temperatures they both came back with memories. When asked what they enjoyed most, they both liked shooting BB guns and arrows. On both nights we got to read from “The Magic Treehouse” books and spend several hours “just talking”.

I view unplugging as a way of removing distractions from our lives. We’re often preoccupied with little things that have no bearing on our future. Checking Facebook, email, and texts are filler. We often push out the important for the trivial. We don’t take the time out to pause and reorient our priorities.

Our priorities are unique from person to person, but the core value remains the same. Consider unplugging a few times throughout the year as a way to recharge your soul.

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