3 Links That Make My Life Better

I have a very specific weekly blogging and social media workflow. First, I pre-write and schedule most of my content a few days in advance. This allows me to spend the majority of my time absorbing as much information as possible. While my content is original, I’m inspired by many sources. Here are my three favorite sites:


If you’re ever in search of an inspiring look at different philosophies, perspectives, and ways of solving problems, I highly recommend watching a few TED Talks. Most are less than 20 minutes and are packed with useful information dealing with several topics. I always see their talks as refreshing and uplifting. In addition, their speakers are some of the best at conveying ideas to large groups of people. If public speaking is a part of your life, consider watching a few just to learn from their delivery styles.


Have you ever wanted to just sit back and see what all the web has to offer? With StumbleUpon it’s easy. After signing up for an account, followed by selecting from a list of personal interests, you can sit back and Stumble all day and night. I follow the Self-Improvement category which serves up fresh thoughts and positive perspectives on life, career, and overall happiness. I also submit my own content to StumbleUpon throughout the month.


While I spend a large amount of my time on social media, I still have a “day job”. I can’t sit and post all day, even though it appears that I do. That’s where Buffer helps me. After signing up, then linking all of your social accounts, you can can preschedule all of your posts days and weeks in advance. While some content can be shared immediately, I often choose to wait until the most opportune times to send it out. These are usually at the times most people would be checking their own social news feeds. Fortunately Buffer makes it easy by posting on your behalf at the best times or allowing you to set a custom daily schedule. There are four┬áplans under Buffer; Individual (Free), Awesome, Business and Non-Profit. I use the Awesome Plan which is $10 a month since I have multiple social accounts that I manage.

In addition, Buffer has it’s own list of recommended posts. These are posts their editors believe you may be interested in sharing.

While I utilize many other sites, like YouTube and Google+, the above are most likely high in my browsing history.

What are your favorite sites for inspiration?