3 Reasons Silence is Sometimes the Best Solution


Over the weekend I spent some time reading. I tend to let myself get distracted and I was trying to focus on my book while I watched the boys play outside.

Sometimes silence is the best solution because it let’s you reset, meditate, and refocus your attention on your goals.

Silence allows for a mental reset.

It’s often when I’m free from the din of my surroundings that I’m able to reset everything. The confusing chatter, the increasing stress, and the overall confusion seems to lessen when I’m silent. It prepares me for new instructions. Think of it as creating a blank slate for prayer and meditation.

Silence is essential to meditation.

There are no clear, one size fits all instructions for meditation and it’s not always a spiritual experience. Silence creates an environment for concentration and meditation. For me, meditation is the clearing of my mind, preparing it to focus to on the next big task. My style of meditation calls for a darkened room complete with silence. If not complete silence, then light instrumental music courtesy of Pandora. I also use this time and environment to reflect in prayer. This allows me to reset. Sometimes I read during my meditation. I’m essentially blocking out the distractions to provide a canvas for the painting my book creates.

Silence is needed to refocus.

The goal is come out with a feeling of refocused purpose. Silence is essential to allow yourself to hear your own thoughts. What good will you be to yourself if you can’t hear your own mind? You need to hear your own thoughts to know the best action to take. Silence allows your mind to refocus on it’s mission. Whether that mission deals with how to proceed with a problem at work or home, to determining your long term priorities will all revolve around a clear head and mind.

Today, try to find time for silence. Find a sanctuary and live in the moment if only for a few short minutes.