3 Reasons to Stop Chasing Perfection


Look for Progress, Not Perfection

I used to be a perfectionist. My hair had to be in the perfect place, I had to follow my routines and I couldn’t vary or else my whole day was thrown off. I also found out I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

What I learned afterwards was that I could channel my “OCD Powers” for good. It took several years, but over time I began to find the patterns which helped and identify the ones that caused problems. Here’s what I learned:

1) You’re not perfect.

I know this is a surprise, and you’re probably now recovering from shock, but it’s true. You’re not perfect and there’s no point in trying to be. You are; however, human and that helps. You have potential. You can make decisions about your future. They’re conscious decisions. It’s one of the many qualities that separate us in the animal kingdom.

It’s ok to embrace your fallacies because those around you are also imperfect. They’re just not as enlightened as you will be after reading this.

2) You can’t make the people around you perfect.

This one was tough for me. I wanted to fix people and things. “Things” may be more easily fixed, but people are not. Fixing people vs. helping people are two different areas. You can give food to someone, but you can’t make someone into a different person. You alone cannot change someone’s personality.

3) Situations do change.

Another tough problem were the¬†changing conditions around me. I wasn’t so much opposed to change, as I was to situations I didn’t have some type of control over. You cannot always change your environment or problems, but you can control how you react to them. I’ve often heard counselors make similar statements. Like I said above, you cannot change a person. You can only change your reaction.

I listed areas you can’t change, but how about areas you can control?

  • You can control how you react to problems.
  • You can control your¬†outlook on life.
  • You can control your priorities.
  • You can control your time.

Don’t chase after perfection. Chase after progress. Live a better life.

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