4 Reasons to Read Every Day


Is reading in your daily routine?

Reading a book, for me, can take several weeks. Everything with my schedule has to be perfect, I can’t have any distractions and my mind has to be in the right zone.

Even though my reading pace isn’t quite where I’d prefer it to be, I find the very act of reading to work wonders for my mind and soul.

I tend to read everything from self-improvement to the occasional spy novel. Ever hear of Dewey Andreas by Ben Coes? Good stuff and action packed.

Here are a few of the benefits I’ve seen.

Reading calms your mind.

The ability to relax while reading a good book, or Kindle e-book in my case, is a luxury I look forward to each evening. I purposely work my nightly schedule to allow at least 30 minutes of reading before bed. Reading relaxes me. If I’m worked up or have had an unfavorable day at the office, I can always rely on a good book to help me unwind. It let’s me retrain my focus and escape to another world. My blood pressure drops and it’s easier for me to fall asleep. Overall it’s one of my many stress relief techniques.

Reading is like exercise for your brain.

Every time you escape into a book you exercise your mind. Reading allows your brain to imagine everything from different worlds to simply new ways of thinking. Many times while reading I’ll be hit with the “Aha!” moment. It’s when something just clicks. Maybe you could call it a form of enlightenment. The author has just made a connection with the reader. Keep up this routine and you’ll be an overall better thinker.

Reading is classy.

Trying to impress someone? Just casually mention the latest book you’ve read or are reading. The mere mention of reading can portray to others that you think on a different level. It adds a certain degree of sophistication to your profile. Unfortunately many people don’t read on a regular basis or at all. For me personally nothing is more of a personality turn-off than to hear someone say “I don’t read very often.”, or “It’s been years since I picked up a book.” I want to say “Really? Now that’s just sad.”

Reading creates empathy.

What you may not realize is how your personality and societal views can change over time by reading. I recently read “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck. It’s considered an American classic, and believe it or not was actually banned at one time in parts of the country for how it portrayed Oklahomans and California farmers. Steinbeck was even accused of creating socialist propaganda. Personally I think it portrayed Oklahomans as a very down to Earth, genuinely kind group of Americans who did everything they could to remain civilized during adverse conditions. My thoughts on the book are probably best for another post, but afterwards I had a new respect for anyone who has gone or is going through similar circumstances as the Joad family of which the book is centered around. My own grandmother would tell me stories about her life in Oklahoma and in the Ozarks. After reading The Grapes of Wrath it put her stories in a different light.

Reading can genuinely change perspectives. It may sound cliche, but our world needs more love and forgiveness. Reading opens your heart to different perspectives on life and humanity.

What positive changes have you witnessed in your life through reading?

Leave your thoughts below.