Do Good Things Today!

good things

What good things will I accomplish today?

When met with despair and doubt never lose sight of your goals. Ask yourself “What good things will I accomplish today?”

“But, I’m the one having a bad day! Why should I help someone else?” I say because you’ll feel better. You’ll retrain your attention from your problem to helping someone else.

When you accomplish “good things” you’re not only helping others, you’re contributing to a greater good. You’re decreasing so others may increase. Who cares if anyone sees it. You may be the only one who knows, but do it anyway.

When you reach this selfless state it means you’re no longer thinking of just yourself.

It doesn’t mean your problems will go away, but it will help with perspective. We often become so myopic that we only see our plight. We wallow in self-pity never looking out of our mud filled pit. Do “good things” consistently for others and you’ll see a difference in yourself and how you treat others. Your “pit” will appear shallow when compared to others close to you. You’ll realize the problems we once thought would be the end of our lives really aren’t significant.

Having a special needs son has greatly changed my perspective on life. The day-to-day problems plaguing offices and families across the country seem less significant. They’re just not worth the “drama”. I prioritize the the significant issues. Petty gossip have little bearing on my decisions. John’s condition has taught me that life is too precious and short to spend it on pettiness.

As I tell my oldest, “Pick your battles.” If someone is being mistreated, be the one to take up for them. Be a leader to those around you by only fighting over the things that will matter in life.

Go forth and do “good things” today!