Why Failure is Sometimes Best


You need failure to thrive.

How’s that for motivational advice?

It’s also true. Failure is often the best form of training. Had it not been for my failures in life, personal finance, and alas, even love, I’d be a much different person.

We often jokingly say “If I could only go back in time and tell myself the things I know now, I’d be successful.” I ask you this, would you really? Would you really be successful? Would you really listen to yourself?

I ask because how many people, experienced and wise, offer life suggestions based on their own failures yet we still don’t listen? We make our own decisions based on what we want at the time.

Knowledge carries more meaning when it has personal value.

I wouldn’t realize the value of being happy without being sad. I wouldn’t understand the value of money and living debt free had I not made mistakes with credit cards and debt. I wouldn’t see the value in love had I not lost people to my ego.

I hate it when bad things happen to others and myself, but I also understand the value negative experiences bring. It often takes time before we see the value, but it’s only when times are at their darkest when we can see the light.

Look back on all of your failures and see how they’ve changed your decisions today.