Positivity Alone Won’t Create Change

There a lot of ideas floating around based on the idea that if you just think happy thoughts everything will go your way. Money will find its way into your bank account, a new car will appear in your driveway, and all your problems will disappear.

Positivity is a catalyst, but it’s not what generates change and success. Those are based on personal growth. Please hear me, positivity is essential to a happier life, but it doesn’t create change.

Change is personal and is the result of desire. You have to want to make the decisions which lead to real change. Thinking “happy thoughts” won’t cause change. Acting on those thoughts and deciding to make a different decision from the norm is what creates change.¬†You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the next step.

Create happiness for the good of your mood and to help those around you.