Take Smaller Bites

Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? (Literally and figuratively)

It happens. Perhaps you’re in a meeting and in a lapse of judgement you make a claim you’re not entirely sure you’ll be able to back-up. Well, now you’re committed to the project and your boss is eagerly waiting for results. Sometimes you’re just handed a project and whether or not you’re ready for it, here it comes.

How do you intend to tackle the project?

If you’re looking at the project as a whole, it’s going to appear enormous and daunting. Your desire to complete it will diminish. Rather than trying to tackle the entire project at one time, how can you segment it into smaller bite sized chunks?

Prioritize and simplify each segment.

Dividing the project into several simple tasks will make a dent over time. Eventually you’ll ┬ásee the light at the end of the tunnel.

Consider a canoeist traversing a lake. One stroke of the paddle isn’t going to propel him to the other side. Many consistent strokes will grant the canoeist passage to his destination.

Does this approach seem like common sense? To some, maybe, but you’d be surprised how often people break-down when hit with a massive project.

Remember, take smaller bites, avoid dwelling on the full project.

-Thomas Miller