3 Excuses Keeping You From Happiness


We often let excuses control our lives. Why?

Here are some of the most common excuses I’ve personally dealt with.

“If I just had enough money.”

I’ll let you in on a secret, if you believe money brings happiness, you’ll never have enough of it. It’s one of those excuses we hear throughout our lives. You’ll long for more and more. As the saying goes, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”, many leave out “love of” and just assume money. Not true, it’s the desire for more and more.

Money buys temporary happiness. Perhaps a few trips, luxury cars, a big house, but in the end you’re still left with yourself. It’s just you, but with an expensive looking outer shell.

There was once a study done that said after wealthy people had over a few million, it didn’t matter how much more they had, they still felt the same. Having the enormous wealth didn’t add to their happiness. In fact, in some places it made them even more depressed. Why? Because they were spending all of their mental energy trying to hold onto it. Fearful of the “tax man”, a lawsuit, someone is trying to separate them from their fortune. It breeds paranoia and distrust.

Many happy millionaires don’t dwell on trying to acquire more wealth. They instead focus on their trade, doing their best, providing a great product and service, and loving what they do. Wealth becomes a by-product, a result of their efforts. They’d be just as happy making $25k as they would $120k.

Understand that we do need money for a decent standard of living, but desiring more and more for the sake of happiness is an excuse, faulty, and leads to destruction.

If I had only made “that one decision”..

We should learn from regrets, not dwell on them. Sure, you made a mistake, sure things may have turned out differently for you, but a decision was made. You can’t rewrite history.

We often use the excuse of past mistakes as a way to hold ourselves back. We don’t trust ourselves and need a crutch. We’ll often use something from our past to keep us from moving ahead. It’s like a weight has been tied around our neck. It holds us down.

We need to look ahead. We need to see our potential and cut the threads that hold us back. Stop dwelling in the past and ask yourself, “What good can I do today?” then pursue it!

No one cares…

This is one of the excuses which may actually be right. People need proof of performance to see the value in an idea. Truthfully, most people aren’t going to care until they see how your idea will benefit them. I don’t mean to sound dismal, but we’re all this way to a certain degree. The overall point is that it shouldn’t matter if someone embraces your happiness or not. Some just can’t stand other people’s positivity.

Don’t worry about what others think. Stop making excuses. If you’re making morally sound choices which lead to continued happiness and blessings, keep doing it.

Stop the excuses and start living!

-Thomas Miller