Liar, Also Known As Fear


A liar says untrue things.

Fear is a liar because it makes you think untrue things about yourself. It tells you, “I’m not good enough.”, or “I’ll never make it.” Liars are charming at first, but lull us into a false sense of security until we believe everything they tell us.

We fear the unknown.

We fear the unfamiliar and unknown. Those two scare us the most because we don’t know what to expect. We ultimately fear failure. Fear asks us “Why even try?”, and we begin to agree. “Why should I try?” and we give up. We begin to believe the liar. We now believe we’re incapable of reaching our full potential and fear has won.

Break the Cycle.

Fear places us in what we believe to be an unwinnable cycle. To break a cycle, you have to change something in the routine. Fear will do everything possible to hold us down. It’s up to us to see through the lie and find fear’s weakness. I call it determination and taking risk. Each one of us has our own goals and reasons for not reaching them. Telling yourself, “I can’t.” is another lie from fear. Instead of saying “I can’t.”, say “I can, if I do the following.”, “I can, if I start with these steps.”

Instead of listening to the liar called fear, mute him and listen to yourself. You’ll still be fearful, but understand the things we fear are often products of our own insecurities.

When met with fear, determine what it is you’re actually afraid of. If it’s failure, ask yourself what steps you’d need to take to reach your goal. Once you map out the steps you’ll realize reaching your goals aren’t as difficult.

It will take time, at times contentment with what you have, consistency in what you do, and patience as you wait for the reward.


-Thomas Miller