Ready, Set, GOAL!


I often wonder how people are able drift through life without a game plan or goal. I’m not saying you have to be Mr. Perfect and have accomplished a lifetime’s worth of goals by 30, but have you ever asked yourself what you’re looking for in life? What is your goal for next week? Today? The next hour? Are you living intentionally?

John C. Maxwell

A few weeks back, (October 2015), I was blessed with an opportunity to see and hear, in person, world renowned motivational speaker and author, John C. Maxwell.

He’s one of those larger than life individuals with a big booming voice and stellar public speaking skills. His focus was on a term he has coined called “Intentional Living”. His delivery was perfectly timed to one hour. I only mention that because I found it impressive, like a finely crafted Swiss timepiece.

Intentional Living

“Intentional Living” means that the decisions you make are calculated for an intended result. In other words, you’re not living each day “hoping” things go well. You’re controlling life rather than letting life control you and your goals. At least that’s my interpretation. I did my best to take notes which you can view online here. They lay everything out.

While John Maxwell’s company offers many, many different programs for varying levels of leadership at a cost, he does offer a free program at the URL: It’s a great way to kickstart “Intentional Living” to reach your goal.


For me personally, I’ve found that you shouldn’t be searching for perfection. Instead focus on the progress. Perfection comes after you’re able to repeat the same steps over and over each time getting better.  Normally the word “routine” is synonymous with the words “complacency”, or “stagnant”. I mean routine in a positive sense. I encourage setting routines that compliment positive growth. Going to bed early probably means you’ll wake up earlier. Routinely eating healthy will most likely mean a healthier lifestyle with less complications.

I say this to point out that you will not reach your goal if you can’t stick to a positive routine. After this it takes continued discipline. Few people can pinpoint exactly which steps must be taken to reach their goals. They may have a general idea. Often as each segment of their goal is reached opportunities are presented which allows an individual to continue along their path.

Write it down

I’ll end with saying, you don’t need all the answers at the beginning. Few will have them, but holding on to your goal and keeping it at the front at all times will keep you focused. Write it down, find a photo, tell someone who can help remind you of its daily importance.

As John Maxwell teaches, it’s about “Intentional Living”