The Weekend Lift: Stay Calm and Focused During Christmas


I’m starting something new called “The Weekend Lift” as an end of the week boost for my readers.
Here’s the first one for Saturday, November 28th, 2015 referring to Christmas and the upcoming holidays.

The big day is over.

Leftover turkey, potatoes, and ham probably take over what little space remains in the fridge. Remember: You may have about day left before it needs to go. Family has left or are about too. Perhaps you took part in a Black Friday Sale. I chose to stay home.

As we approach the next phase of “the holidays”, Christmas, it’s easy to become ensnared in the day to day drama of trying to maintain the holiday spirit. Remember, this time is not about what you own, what you want to get for your family, or even what you’re expecting from others. Whether you take the direct route which is Christmas being a holy time for Christians celebrating the birth of Christ, or the fuzzier world view of “spreading joy” throughout your world, remember these three things.

  • Christmas is about Jesus the CHRIST’s birth. Hence the name.
  • Christmas is about putting others first and helping to show they have value.
  • The spirit of Christmas should continue all year.

Christmas as a Holiday

Christmas, the Holiday, will be celebrated by many groups. Many may be secular and Christ may not be their focus. While I may fundamentally disagree, I do support any person choosing to put someone else before them, Christian or not.

As an added note: I take no offense when someone says “Happy Holidays or “Season’s Greetings”. I say this because during this time there are many diverse holidays occurring at the same time transcending across multiple faiths and cultural beliefs.

Christmas is the primary focus in my world and if I’m the one saying the greeting I will most likely default to Merry Christmas. If someone chooses to say Happy Holidays, I’m more likely to respond with “Well thank you. You too!”, smile, then continue on.

Remember to stay calm and focused during this time of the year. As we see more and more “things” we could purchase and acquire do not lose sight of what this season should mean. Take care of each other. Lose the anger and stay calm. Be patient, and let others know they have value. Build and strengthen lasting relations.