The Weekend Lift: Make the Most of Your Weekend


It’s good to be productive on your weekends.

Your weekend is a great time to reboot and retrain your focus for the week ahead. It allows time to recharge.

Have a weekend game plan.

I don’t mean to say you should weigh yourself down with “work”. I mean have some type of game plan for what you plan to accomplish over the weekend, even if you’d only like to accomplish a nap.

Try to find something that will benefit you leading into the next week. Have your fun, but find something you can do that will help you later.

Plan to enjoy your Monday, yes Monday.

Why do most people hate Mondays? Usually, it’s because you recall on Friday saying “this” can wait until Monday, or because you know you’re going to have to tread through five more days of work until the next weekend, and then the cycle continues. You see the beginning of the week as a mountain, Wednesday is the peak and Thursday starts the descent back to the weekend.

Spend a small amount of time on Sunday to ready yourself for the coming week. Simply reviewing your to-do list will help. I recommend building your Monday list on Friday, but yes, even I sometimes wait until Sunday afternoon or evening to block out my next week.

Taking it a step further, I often use Sunday afternoons as a time to work on leftover projects from the week before. Not everyone will agree with this one, and yes, it sounds boring, but it let’s me start my Monday fresh. You can read more from a previous blog post.

Have Fun!

It’s your weekend, enjoy it. Just consider a plan of what you want to do and as the weekend winds down you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something.