3 Reasons to Not Give Up

give up

Are you tempted to give up?

Maybe you’re tired, perhaps you’ve lost focus, or the goal seems obtainable. Giving up can have more of an impact on your happiness and feeling of fullfillment than you think.

1) When you give up you’re admitting defeat.

Giving up is like saying “It’s too hard, I’m done.”, “Why bother?”. At one time you did want to bother. What has changed?

2) When you give up you’re sending a message to your family and friends.

Giving up tells your family and friends you’re not consistent. “Why did he stop? He was so committed.” Consistenly giving up tells them you’re not focused.

3) When you give up, you’re letting yourself down.

Why would you let yourself down? You’ve committed so much to your goals, even if they were only thoughts. You wanted to do it, but you’ve stopped. What about next time? WIll you see it through? Eventually you’ll be less likely to set goals and plan ahead. You’ll look back and end up putting yourself down internally.

When is it ok to give up?

You can give up when the end result is no longer going to have the same meaning as you were expecting or when conditions change negating the need for the end result. You should still adjust your plan and make sure you’ve exhausted all of your options, but in those rare occasions, it’s ok.

I can say all of these things from personal experience. There’s nothing like reviewing your life every year and thinking about all the things you’ve accomplished instead of things you never finished.