I know I don’t say it enough, but I love my wife.

After the Valentine’s Day candies have been eaten, the flowers wilted, and the cards discarded you have to look closer to see what “love” really is. As much as I’ve tried, I have not came close to showing the same type of love my wife, Jacqueline, has shown me. In fact, I don’t deserve what I get.

Love is remaining calm when others around you are not.

Love is choosing to laugh when you want to cry so your family thinks you’re ok.

Love is spending your entire day on the phone with your child’s healthcare providers fighting to keep what you can.

Love is choosing to wait for your children to eat first, to make sure they have enough.

Love is baking blueberry muffins with real blueberries because your six year old asked for them.

Love is waiting to replace your worn out shoes so others in your family can buy what they need.

Love is watching all four seasons of “Battlestar Galactica (2004)”, eleven seasons of “Frasier”, and five seasons of “Breaking Bad” (twice) with your husband.

I don’t always communicate it well, but I love my wife.