I know I don’t say it enough, but I love my wife. After the Valentine’s Day candies have been eaten, the flowers wilted, and the cards discarded you have to look closer to see what “love” really is. As much as I’ve tried, I have not came close to showing the same type of love my wife, […]

3 Reasons to Not Give Up

give up

Are you tempted to give up? Maybe you’re tired, perhaps you’ve lost focus, or the goal seems obtainable. Giving up can have more of an impact on your happiness and feeling of fullfillment than you think. 1) When you give up you’re admitting defeat. Giving up is like saying “It’s too hard, I’m done.”, “Why […]

Anger and 5 Harsh Truths


The feeling of anger is normal, but left unchecked it can lead to disastrous consequences. I have witnessed terrible things when the emotion is not controlled. In this post are a few truths on anger that I’ve learned over the years. Please follow the link and keep reading. Be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts.




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